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Sutai Bu was born in 2019 with the goal of sharing our love for nature and products that are designed with a conscious mind, environmentally sourced and produced. The cycle of regeneration is embedded into each handcrafted product, passing on the shared responsibility to consumers through their interaction with our products.  




Stephanie Ip


Stephanie Ip is the creative mind behind Sutai Bu. Her Chinese heritage has influenced since a very young age. While reading a Chinese poem about rice farming, this particular phrase stood out to her:

Every piece does not come easy.

Because of this, we should cherish what’s available by consuming only what is needed.

Having experienced working in the Fashion industry, Stephanie has seen and learned that the garment industry is the #1 polluting industry in the world. When fabric was being thrown away during the production process, she felt the need to salvage every single piece of them! She realized there’s something to be done, and believes in the power behind sending a message through her products, just like the Chinese poem she once gained knowledge from.

Thanks to these influences, Stephanie has gone on her journey embracing this message in the food she eats, the things she consumes, the people she meets, and the decisions she makes every single day.