Wrapping Cloth as Book Cover


One of the many ways to use our Wrapping Cloth is using it as a book cover. It will require patience to do all the folding, but it’s just like folding a paper crane - once you master the little steps you’ll get a great final product! 

Imagine how nice it would be to protect your favorite book with a beautiful cloth cover. When you’re lounging at a café or riding public transportation, all people will notice is how pretty your book is, but they won’t know what kind of book you are reading. Once you finish reading this mysterious book, you can easily take off the wrapping cloth, and wrap another book again! 

“Well”, you may ask, “does it wrap all sizes of books?” While one size does not fit all, we found out it does fit most! If you want to accessorize/protect a textbook that’s bigger than a novel, our wrapping cloth comes in large sizes as well. Check out our lookbook to see how else you can wrap using our versatile cloth!

Here are some tips on how to choose the right size cloth:

1 – Find out the dimensions of the book when opened and closed. That is the height, width (opened and closed), and thickness of the book. 

2 – Don’t just skip over to the largest size. You want it to look nice and neat at the end, so finding the right size cloth is crucial before you begin!

3 – Our cloth is square shaped, which requires a couple more folds than a rectangle would, but it certainly gives you more room to work with.

4 – Find a cloth from our Shop that’s at least 8 inches wider than the book’s total width of your book you plan to wrap. (Total width = width of book (x2) + thickness of book)

5 – Typical sized paperback novels will work just fine with our 18-inch wrapping cloth.

In this blog post, you are going to learn the basics, so we are going with the most common book size – novels.

Are you ready for your new wrapping adventure?
Let’s begin!


What you will need to wrap in this style:

1 – A novel

2 – 18in Sutai Bu Wrapping Cloth

3 – 3/4in safety pins (x2)

4 – Giant paper clip (x2)

5 – Cute little bookmark (x1)


Find the height by folding the cloth in halves until it matches the height of your book. Then, place the book in the middle.

Let your hair fall on the direction you wish it to fall at the end.


Find the mid-length by folding one side of the folded cloth over, shift the book left and right until the edges match from left to right. 

Once you find it, open the folded cloth back to Step 1. The book should now be in the center point on the folded cloth.



Open the front book cover and fold the cloth over. We now have to find the width of the book. Do so by following the step as shown in the image above. If the cloth comes out wider than your front book cover, go ahead and fold down the excess width. Once you find the excess width, open the folded cloth back to Step 1

You now have the book placed in the center, with the excess width folded down. 



Repeat Step 3 on the back book cover.



Flip and fold the excess width in, so that the edge opens clean. If there’s no excess width for the book you are wrapping, you can skip this step.

Now you are ready to place the safety pin.

Find the vertical midpoint of the folded cloth. Grab the top layers and insert the safety pin at that midpoint.

One side down. Now, do the other side as well.



Open the cloth back up to Step 1. Now you have a cover that fits your book in height and width!

Hold onto the left and right ends of the headband, pull up following the shape of your head and hairline.


One side at a time, slide in the cover through the opening edge of the wrapping cloth you have just folded.

One side at a time, tuck the ends under as you flip and wrap the non-wired end over.
Smoothen the fabric as you fix the position of the ends and wire in place.


The second side will require you to do minor adjustments before sliding it in. 

Once you have Step 8 down, close up the book. Tuck and pull the back side cloth end until the book feels tight and secured by the wrapping cloth.



Repeat Step 7!



Time to decorate! Or you can skip this part if you think it’s beautiful as-is.

Untie your ponytail, fix your hair a bit.
Ready to shine! 🌟

There you have it! The book is now ready to go in your purse/bag/backpack, traveling with you in style! Let us know if you have any questions or comments by leaving us a message below! We would love to see how you decorate yours, feel free to share a style shot with us by hastaging it #SutaiBuStyles on Instagram!

Our Wrapping Cloth Designs

Comes in various sizes from 18” to 47” for different size book you choose to wrap!