3 Basic Ways to Style Our Wrapping Band


Last time, we wrote a blog post on How Best to Wear our Wired Headband to provide some ideas for using our wildly popular accessory. Our second most popular accessory is the wrapping band. For this item, we ditched the wire, shortened the width, and increased the overall length to provide a more versatile product that can be used and worn in many different ways! In this blog post, we have put together 3 basic ways to style it as an accent accessory.  

Before we get into styling ideas, we want you to know that our accessories are launched as limited edition items.


As an environmentally conscious brand, we plan and design our products with the product's life cycle in mind. Our main product is the furoshiki wrapping cloth, which is an even more versatile piece of cloth that can be used as a bandana, book cover, tote bag, and many more! (Check out our Shop for some furoshiki inspirations!)


Fabrics come in a few different sizes and the textile printing process also has size limitations. As such, every time we do a production run of the wrapping cloth, we receive remnants of the same quality, just not the exact sizes we planned for. Therefore, we use them for our secondary products, such as the wired headband and wrapping band, which are the accessories that can be matched up with a furoshiki tote or bandana.


The wrapping band is:

  • Made with 100% lyocell.

  • 53” long and 1” wide.

  • Preferably hand-washed, laid flat to dry, and ironed with medium heat to revitalize the print.


Double headband



Let the fun begin!
Start from the bottom of your head, behind your neck.
Place the band around your neck, adjust the position of the band, so its center point sits on the back of your neck!

Let your hair fall on the direction you wish it to fall at the end.


Pull the left and right sides of the band upward, towards the top of your head,
where you want the band to rest.
Oh! Don’t forget to check and make sure the band stays flat all the way around to the top!



Crisscross the bands once on the top, pulling the tails downward and under the hair.
Tie a knot, and you are done!



Single Wrap Neck Tie


As you can see, this one is simple and straight forward. The trick here is to create a nice upright bow. To show you the steps, we will be using a glass jar to resemble a neck.


Overlap the right band on top of the left.

Tightly cross over at the center top of your forehead.


Create a loop to go under and up the bottom band. Fix the crease and direction of the tails to look like this.

Cross over again with the ends fall on the top.


Create a loop with the other end of the band. Measure the size of loop against the first loop.

One side at a time, tuck the ends under as you flip and wrap the non-wired end over.


Place the loop you have just created over the first loop, holding the two loops together with one hand, with one of the fingers in between the 2 loops as shown below.

Now, do the following slowly and lightly.

Using your other hand, fold and pull the top loop under and towards the left as you flip the tail over the bottom loop. Lightly pull the loops in their opposite direction.

Smoothen the fabric as you fix the position of the ends and wire in place.


Before pulling the loops tight, smooth out the folds and crease the loops, tails, and center knot. Once you achieve a clean look, pull both loops firmly, as shown.


STILL Confused?

Follow our video!

There you have it, a clean and upright bow that’s ready to rock your day!



Double Wrap Neck Tie

This one is perfect for styling with any neckline, even with a turtleneck. Simply do the same steps as with the single wrap neck tie, but wrap it around your bottle (I mean neck) an additional time before tying the loop. To create a long-short tail finish, we did a single loop here instead of double.


So there you have it, 3 basic ways to style our wrapping band!
Which one is your favorite style? Let us know if you have any questions or comments by leaving us a message below! We want to see how you’re styling your wrapping band, so tag us on Instagram or Facebook by using the hashtag #SutaiBuStyles.